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Good morning bloggers,

We have gotten through most of our dog walkers and pet sitters so now it’s time to meet the animals on staff!! We absolutely adore our animals and treat every client’s pets with the same love and compassion for our own crew. 
Tucker: Chief Groundhog Control Officer
Adopted from PetConnect, Tucker has demonstrated a propensity for groundhog (and raccoon and squirrel and mouse) control – helpful, yes, until he brings his trophies inside to cuddle with them on his dog bed! Smart and friendly, Tucker loves to go on long hacks and nap in the office.

Merlin: Chief Security Officer
Adopted from Save the Tails , Merlin is a momma’s boy, a barn dog, and a generally sweet, friendly, and lazy guy – and greets strangers with lots of barking and grumbling. He likes to keep people guessing on the outside, but spends his days as close to his mom as he can get. 

Polly: Chief Greeting Officer
Adopted from PetConnect, Polly’s best skill is making friends. She has never met a stranger, gives out kisses freely and endlessly, and wags her tail so hard her whole body wiggles! She is an expert cuddler – she can outcuddle the other dogs and cats combined.
If you are interested in learning more about our animal staff, or want your loved one to be a part of the Walking Wetnoses pack, email us today at: PETS@WALKINGWETNOSES.COM or call 703-951-PETS (7387).