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Good morning,

Today we are sharing a blog post from Ace Pet Care about why you should hire a professional pet sitter versus an amateur pet sitter, or hobby pet sitter. This may seem like a “no brainer” to some, but to others the imminent dangers that could arise aren’t as apparent.  “Caring for someone’s pets is hard work. It takes long hours. It takes diligence, a sense of responsibility, personal commitment in the face of long hours and experience. Like other professionals, large and small, pet sitting is a trainable business, but one that still has value over cost. All professionals charge for their time and experience. They are worth it. Professional pet sitters are no different.”

Take a look at just some of the many reasons, hiring a professional pet sitter is the smart choice and contact us today at: http://www.walkingwetnoses.com/ to inquire about our professional pet sitting services in Leesburg, Virginia.

The next time you are wondering why a professional pet sitter costs more than a hobbyist, these are the reasons:

-A professional pet sitter pays for pet sitting liability insurance to protect you. This costs money.

-A professional pet sitter pays for membership in professional pet sitting organizations in order to take advantage of pet care education and training in pet first aid, pet CPR, pet safety, pet behaviors, pet training techniques, and to create a network of professionals to help quickly in any emergency situation.

-A professional pet sitter pays for pet sitting-related books and magazines to make sure that our skills are the highest possible and that we are providing the safest care and attention to your pet’s needs.

-A professional pet sitter pays for legal advice so that we have a contract in order to protect you and our business. It will explain what services the pet sitter will and will not provide. There will be forms to fill out to give the pet sitter all the information needed to provide the very best care for your pet and your home. There will be authorization forms for various professionals such as your veterinarian to work with us in the event there is a need. There will be policies and backup plans in place.

-A professional Pet sitter will have expenses just like every other legitimate business. And the reason you want us to charge enough to keep us in business is so that you know who is caring for your pets, and your pets know and trust their pet sitter. This provides for a trouble-free vacation for you, and stress-free time for your pets.” (To read the original article post, visit the link here!