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Good afternoon dog lovers!

You may be wondering, “why are professional pet sitters worth the cost?”  We know that it shouldn’t be, but a lot of people consider good petting sitting to be a luxury service or an additional cost. However any good pet owner will make sure that there is reliable help to take care of their furry loved ones.
So you may be wondering why we charge what we do for our services? It all comes down to our sitters and their level of professionalism and care. All of our pet sitters are professional, caring, experienced employees with extensive animal knowledge. We pay them accordingly both for their experience and their time as we want them to treat each of your pets like their own.  Cutting costs to pay a neighbor or a family friend, while not intentional, could result in things with your pet being overlooked. Our sitters are trained to be aware of situations and be on the lookout for any signs that your pet might be showing.   
Pet sitting is a wonderful job but is very time-demanding, and doesn’t break for holidays. Good pet sitters set aside their holidays, evenings and weekends for the benefit of their clients. We also strive for low turnover rate with our sitters, and want them to stay with us for a long time. That is another reason why it’s worth it to pay a professional sitter, so your pet can have a new friendship that is long-term with one of our sitters. Just ask any of our clients and they will tell you it’s worth it!
If you are considering hiring us for your next getaway, and are on the fence, please contact us today! You can also find more information on our website, http://www.walkingwetnoses.com/.