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Good afternoon all!

Continuing our spotlight on our cat friends, today we want to talk a little bit about stress in cats and how it can manifest itself. It’s so important to recognize the symptoms of a stressed out cat early so you can not only help them but also help prevent any damage to your home that they might cause in the process.

According to catsinternational.org “When a friendly, extroverted cat suddenly becomes nervous and reactive, it is generally obvious to the owners that the cat is stressed. Stress may not be as easily detected in the shy, introverted cat who may be manifesting stress by sitting in a fixed posture, immobile for long periods of time. Cats handle stress in different ways depending on their personalities.” 

To learn other signs of a stressed cat and how you can help visit the article link here. 

If you have a stressed out cat that is lonely and needs more companionship during the day then contact us to learn more about our midday visits and check-ins! Walking Wetnoses is Leesburg’s premiere pet sitting company and we would be more than happy to come help!  Learn more on our website: www.walkingwetnoses.com