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Winter hasn’t officially begun yet until December 21st, but temperatures are slowly turning and cold weather with snow and ice possible, will be here before you know it! Getting regular exercise for your pet is important for their health and some of our clients know that if their dog doesn’t get a daily walk, they have a lot of stored up energy to expend in ways that are probably not favorable. 

So as professional dog walkers and pet sitters you might ask us, how cold is too cold to walk my dog? Well the answer isn’t that simple. It depends on the dog’s condition, age, hair coat, activity level, and how long the dog needs to be outside. If there are warnings on TV about dangerous weather conditions outside, it’s best to not take a chance. However if you think it will be okay, using your discretion and judgement is important. 
Photo credit: Dogstrailia
If you are looking for more information to help you make the right decision for your pet, here is an article on this very subject from the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital (somewhere it gets VERY cold!). 
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