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Good morning everyone!

Here in Virginia we have had a ton of mud lately. Between the freezing and re-freezing ground, melting snow/ice and the occasional 60-degree rainy day thrown in the mix, it seems like all of our furry loved ones are coming in with mud on their paws! We know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to have to wipe or bathe your dogs paws after every visit outside! So what can you do about it?
Today we are sharing an article from iheartdogs.com which talks about one person’s opinion of things you can do to help the overall health and cleanliness of your dogs paws!

“In the winter months, it is important to keep paw pads moist to avoid breakage when stepping on icy surfaces or sharp ice melting salt. A waterless shampoo will turn any washcloth or paper towel into the perfect wet wipe with the benefit of having control of how much product you need. Also, using a paw pad moisturizing will help keep the dogs paws baby soft!”

Click here to read the rest of the article entitled ‘An Experts Secrets To Cleaning Muddy Dog Paws.’

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