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How do I know if my dog is in pain?

Good morning,

Last week we shared an article about some potentially toxic spring plants for our canine and feline friends. This week we want to dig a little deeper and explore some ways your dog might be trying to tell you they are in pain. Of course we love and know our pets so well that any behavior out of the ordinary will cause us to take notice. However there could be smaller, less obvious ways your dog is trying to tell you something isn’t quite right. Thanks to an article from VetsNow, here are a few ways your dog might be trying to communicate pain to you:

1. Antisocial or aggressive behaviour
2. Changes in eating, drinking, and sleeping habits
3. Being more vocal
4. Excessive grooming
5. Heavy panting or altered breathing
6. Mobility issues
7. Signs of agitation
8. Changes in their body and posture
To learn more about each one of these things click here for the original article link. 
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