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The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company thanks all of the wonderful companies and organizations who work to make life better for all the pets in Loudoun County! We are continuing our mini-series this week which highlights these special companies so you can get better acquainted. Up next is an organization that has been rescuing for over 12 years… The Gingersnap Girls!

“The Gingersnap Girls were founded in honor and memory of three mares, Calypso, Chrissy and Flag who were each saved from the slaughter truck by their own angels.

Each came to them from different places and each at different times, but together they were The Gingersnap Girls, leaving a legacy of strength, hope, and courage in the quest to help save other slaughter bound equines, in addition to providing aid to any equine enduring abuse, neglect, or misunderstanding. Each had an abiding and overwhelming love of gingersnaps!

The Gingersnap Girls Equine Education and Rescue Foundation was founded in 2004 becoming a 501 (c)(3) organization classified with the IRS as a public charity in 2005.”

Learn more by visiting: http://www.gingersnapgirls.org/

To learn more about The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company, the services we provide and the other organizations we support visit us online at: www.loudounpetsitting.com