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Good morning!

Today’s blog is sharing an article from Modern Dog Magazine which talks about emotions our dogs can experience. This article covers one author’s opinions but does provide for a very interesting read with some thought-provoking points.

Most people can read emotions in their dog quite easily. For example, you come home and your dog dances around wagging her tail, and you think to yourself, “Lady is happy to see me,” or “Lady really loves me.” Or perhaps you’re out on a walk and, at the approach of another canine, your dog freezes in place, his hackles raised, and gives a low throaty growl. We interpret this as “Rex does not like that dog. Seeing him makes Rex angry.” In such situations the emotional state of our dogs seems quite obvious. For this reason it is difficult for many people to understand that the existence of emotions in dogs was—and in some places still is—a point of scientific controversy (Modern Dog Magazine).”

Whether you agree with the article or not, you can be assured that we will love your pet and take care of them like our own at each visit! We take great care in working to learn your pet’s behavior and know their likes and dislikes. You can rest assured that they are in the best of hands while you are away! Learn more about our services at: https://www.loudounpetsitting.com/