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The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company is proud to announce that this holiday season we are partnering with our colleague Sarah Jones in her fundraising campaign PROJECT SANTA PAWS, to feed 2 meals a day during the cold Armenian winter to 127 dogs at the shelter where she is volunteering. At the moment they are only fed once a day.

We believe that all animals around the globe should have the chance to experience care, safety, comfort and love and are excited to help Sarah in her efforts to make a huge difference so far from home. Sarah is the founder of Pawsome Palz Pet Sitting which merged with The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company over the summer.

When Sarah arrived in Armenia with her husband, who is working in the country for a year, she saw the heartbreaking situation regarding stray animals and the serious lack of shelters/support for them. She knew she had to do something and since she couldn’t take them in herself, she decided to help those that do by volunteering at Pawsitive Rescue. After hearing the shelter founders mention how much they wish they could feed the dogs twice a day during winter she went from “How can I make this happen for them” to “I’m going to make this happen for them!” If you have ever met Sarah, she never backs down from a challenge, especially one she sets herself.

Therefore in addition to making a donation on in honor of our wonderful clients to Pawsitive Rescue Armenia, we aim to help Project Santa Paws reach audiences both near and far by sharing Sarah’s story, information about her campaign and hope our readers will do the same by supporting her efforts.

Pawsitive Rescue is a no-kill shelter, in a low adoption area that runs purely on donations and volunteers like Sarah. We invite you to stay tuned as we will be featuring Sarah as a guest blogger with updates on the positive impact donations make, shelter life abroad and how to adopt these lovable pups,  back to the US…..including a cameo of Kiki, the pup she will be bringing back home with her in the spring to her horse farm in Purcellville, Va.

For more information please visit Project Santa Paws’ webpage:  www.gofundme.com/project-santa-paws or contact Sarah Jones directly at projectsantapaws@gmail.com.